Manufacturer of Clevises, Turnbuckles, Eyebolts, Eye Nuts, Threaded Rods, and Plan & Adjustable Yoke F11, F22, galvanized, stainless steel, alloy, c1035, C1045, 316SS, electro polished, heat treating, zinc

F11, F22, galvanized, stainless steel, alloy, electro polished, heat treating, zinc

structural hardware, structural fastener, forgings, steel forging, closed die forging

New construction, industrial renovation, American made, ASTM specifications, Domestic certifications clevis, turnbuckle, eyebolt, eye nut, rod end, yoke turnbuckles, threaded rod, clevis structural hardware, ASTM specifications


The Clevis is produced as a component of tie rod assemblies. Clevises and Clevis Pins are often used in conjunction with turnbuckles, or as part of a turnbuckle assembly. In a typical cross bracing assembly, a threaded rod is supported at each end by a clevis. One end of each clevis will grip onto a steel plate and is secured with a clevis pin. As the rod is turned, the assembly draws tight, increasing the stability of the structure and creating an aesthetically pleasing addition to your building.

Cleveland City Forge is a Clevis Manufacturer and has grown to be a major supplier in the industrial fastener and structural hardware industry. Cleveland City Forge has the capabilities to thread product UNC (standard or fine) and metric. The ability to offer these products in a full range of custom and standard sizes and combine them to create complete assemblies, has enabled us to supply a wide variety of applications and markets.

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We can assist you if you're interested in clevises, clevis pins and threaded clevises Our product line has been expanded to include wire rope clips, wire rope shackles, anchor shackles, screw pin shackles, round pin shackles, wire rope thimbles. Please visit our products section for a detailed list. if you don't see what you are looking for or need, please contact us. We may be able to create custom forgings to meet your unique needs.

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